Automotive Services in East Haven

Rattling muffler? Squeaky brakes? Air Conditioning not working? These are all problems that Swanson Automotive is happy to fix for you. Thanks to our comprehensive services, you can come to us knowing you are bringing your car to a trustworthy repair shop where you can expect quality work, every time. If you need an honest evaluation of what is wrong with your car, you can rest assured bringing your car to Swanson Automotive in East Haven. Come to us for all of your automotive services!

Brake Repair & Services

Brakes are pretty much the most important safety device on your car. They wear out over time, eventually requiring service. It is necessary to have your brakes checked regularly. Our technicians at Swanson Automotive have the knowledge to easily recognize common brake system issues.

5 Minute Emissions Testing

We are a licensed Emissions Testing Center for the State of Connecticut. The test is $20 cash only and no appointment is necessary. We are also equipped to repair any vehicle that fails the emissions test to obtain a Cost Waiver. Trust Swanson Automotive to perform your emissions test.

Preventative Maintenance

The best way to minimize breakdowns is to have our technicians at Swanson Automotive perform routine preventative maintenance on your vehicle. Services like oil changes and tune-ups keep your car operating at peak performance. Visit our shop for all of your car’s routine maintenance.

Engine Services

If your check engine light is on, be sure to bring your vehicle to Swanson Automotive. Our qualified technicians can diagnose your problem honestly, and suggest affordable options for you. We offer engine repair and replacement, as well as other common maintenance that the engine requires.

Check Engine Light Scan

There are a few reasons why your check engine light may be on. We offer a free scan of your vehicle's computer system to determine the cause. For all of your check engine indications, stop by our shop at Swanson Automotive.

Air Conditioning

At Swanson Automotive, we have qualified service professionals who can fix your air conditioner. One of our trained specialists will inspect your car’s air conditioner, all the A/C lines, evaporator and compressor for leaks and wear. For all your air conditioning services, come to the auto repair shop delivering service at fair, affordable prices.

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