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Dent Repair Wheeling Il

Dent Repair Wheeling Il

When you own a car, at one point, it may suffer a dent on the fender, bumper, or side panels. Damages can come from scratches or impacts caused by heavy objects or collisions. Dents are the standard type of damage and can be easily fixed by auto mechanic shops in Wheeling, IL. The article illustrates the type of dents and how they can be fixed.

Round Dents

It is a common type of dent caused by small objects such as sports balls, hail, or rocks hitting the car. The dents have a shallow indent in the metal or a minor point in the middle. Fortunately, round dents do not cause hard-to-fix damages on the paint or metal. Just take your car to the nearest paintless dent removal in Wheeling, IL shop. Paintless dent repair (PDR) methods are easy and quick to perform. They are also affordable since they need fewer tools and materials.

Creased Dents

A creased dent is caused by the dragging of a long and thin object on the side of the vehicle. A tree limb of a bike handlebar can lead to a creased dent. The dent damages the paint job and metal panel of the car. Such dents are severe because they alter the original production shape of the metal panel. If it is not fixed on time, it can lead to more marks, permanently destroying the metal.

Wheeling auto repair collision centers can fix creased dents. The dent can be massaged into the correct shape, and in case the paint job was also damaged, it can be restored. Auto repair shops have computer-matched paints that blend with the car's paints while being environmentally friendly.

Car Dings

These dents occur during parking lot incidents like opening a door into the side of your car or when a shopping cart hits your car. Dings sometimes are severe and deeper than round dent and can take the shape of a defined valley. The metal panel ends up stretched outwards, leaving a spot that has a deep scratch. The impact caused by the object makes it look like multiple dents above. As long as there is no damage to the paint, it can be popped back into the original shape through paintless dent removal (PDR) techniques.

Extreme Dents

When your vehicle is hit quickly or when a person heavily leans on your car, an extreme dent can occur. They usually look like they cannot be repaired but with the right tools and mechanics in wheeling IL. Not every severe dent can be corrected through paintless dent repair techniques. If there is substantial damage to the car's body or multiple dents occur, you may need to take your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop.


Hail Dents

When there are heavy rains, hailstorms are common and can cause damage to cars. They take the shape of round dents and can be fixed through paintless dent removal methods. Hail damage repair Laramie is also helpful in fixing the damages.

It does not matter what causes the dent repair shops to have the expertise and skills to help you fix your dent and have your car looking good as new. Contact auto repair near wheeling Illinois shops today to have your dents fixed.

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Dent Repair Wheeling Il
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Dent Repair Wheeling Il

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